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) Sonia Gandhi is a Bar Girl --------------

sushil acharya in Other | Oct 19, 2013

The facts are only for informational purpose and means no offence. If there is any doubt over the credibility of the facts, please come up with correct fact so that we may be able to correct them.



1) Sonia Gandhi is ethnically non-Indian as she is not a natural citizen of India but a naturalised citizen of this country. 

2) It is highly speculated that Sonia Gandhi has not studied beyond High School. 

3) Ms. Sonia Maino married Rajeev Gandhi on February 25, 1968. 

4) At the time of 1971 war of East Pakistan, it is said that she went to Italy along with her husband Rajeev Gandhi, who by then was Pilot of Indian Airlines. 

5) Mrs Sonia Gandhi violated the provision of FERA for over a year (from January 1,1974 to January 21, 1975) when she was allotted shares in Maruti Technical Services PVT. LTD and was made its Managing Director. 

6) It is also widely considered as a fact that after loss of congress in 1977 - Sonia along with her brave husband took asylum in the Italian Embassy. 

7) Mrs Sonia Gandhi became eligible to register herself as a citizen of India on February 25, 1973. But, she chose to continue as an Italian citizen. Mrs Sonia Gandhi applied for Indian citizenship on April 7, 1983. The application was found to be grossly incomplete - the application, did not have any statement by her affirming that she had renounced her Italian citizenship. Nor was there any official document to this effect. On April 27, 1983, the Ambassador for Italy obliged and sent a letter, saying, on her behalf, that she had renounced her Italian citizenship. Such a letter is not enough under India's laws. But since Mrs Indira Gandhi, Mrs Sonia Gandhi's mother in law, was the Prime Minister, no further inquiries were made and Mrs Sonia Gandhi was granted citizenship on April 30, 1983.

8) Mrs Sonia Gandhi's name was put into the electoral rolls effective from January 1, 1980. In 1982, an objection was raised about her being smuggled on to the electoral rolls without being a citizen of India. The objection was found valid and her name was struck off the electoral rolls in the later part of 1982.

9) Sonia Gandhi is widely considered as either a Bar Girl or a waitress before marrying Rajiv and later taking the reigns of 1.2 billion population of India in hand.

10) It is also said that Sonia Gandhi's father Stephano Maino was serving to the dictator of Italy Mussolini.

Oct 19 2013





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